2018-11-12, 12:01
Building a better financial system means we need to adapt to your needs. Today, we’re launching our new look and feel #ToTheMoon! The next stage of our evolution puts you in the centre of the user experience, and our brand will reflect this. Learn about the design thinking behind our brand refresh here
2018-11-12, 11:30
2018-11-12, 10:57
2018-11-12, 10:33
2018-11-12, 10:11
With an increase in phishing attempts, here's an important reminder on how to spot a scam.

Looking out for these features will lessen the chances of a phishing attack on your Luno account, as well as any other online account.
2018-10-18, 18:00
2018-10-15, 15:05
Over the past year the cryptocurrency market has matured. Our Head of UK & Ireland, Maya Kumar, discussed with the Financial Times how Luno is playing a key part in developing the industry, and ensuring it grows responsibly.
2018-10-08, 09:00
We're big on eliminating the myths surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so you're able to make informed decisions. Click through to our Medium publication to get the facts.
2018-09-07, 12:00
We've published our first Luno Medium publication as a home for longer, thoughtful writing that delves deep into topics such as start-ups, cryptocurrencies, finance and more.
2018-09-03, 12:00
Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous. All transactions are recorded on the public blockchain, along with the addresses of the wallets involved.

If you figure out who owns a particular wallet, you then know they were responsible for all transactions from that address. #LearnWithLuno
2018-08-29, 15:01
It has been 10 years since Bitcoin's first appearance and we still don't really know much about its creator.

This week we delve into this with a three-part series. So, who invented Bitcoin?
2018-08-27, 12:00
Congratulations to Martyna Andrzejczak! Who is proudly sponsored by Luno, she came 2nd in the International Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships 2018 in Milan. #gomartyna
2018-08-23, 09:00
It's easy to assume that you need to be able to buy an entire Bitcoin, when in fact, you can buy smaller units. Like that of pizza, you can buy one slice or two, or a pizza as a whole, depending on your appetite. #LearnWithLuno
2018-08-22, 09:00
I come undone speaks about how easy it is to buy Bitcoin using Luno. Her favourite function so far is that you can set alerts to buy or sell when Bitcoin reaches a certain price making it easier to invest what you want & know when best to take the next step. Read more here:
2018-08-21, 15:00
The internet is decentralised, allows for permissionless innovation, and is interoperable, much like digital currency. #LearnWithLuno
2018-08-15, 09:01
We're excited to announce that our customers have now opened two million wallets. Join the revolution today. #ToTheMoon
2018-08-14, 11:12
To reflect our commitment to customer happiness, our community team has been renamed. Take a look at our article to find out our future plans for customer success. http://fal.cn/VSOq
2018-08-13, 09:01
We're excited to see digital currency grow in Africa - could it be the next frontier? http://fal.cn/V4U5
2018-08-09, 09:00
Gold is in limited supply, it's malleable, and it's stable. We explain how digital currency has these same characteristics and more. #LearnWithLuno
2018-08-08, 09:02
Keeping your digital currency safe is vital - here are some useful tips to avoid hacks, scams, and phishing. http://fal.cn/Vts3
2018-08-07, 09:00
If you're unsure about whether something is fact or ficton, take a look at our article on some common misconceptions. http://fal.cn/VuAx
2018-08-06, 10:00
We look into the common misconception that Bitcoin is only used by criminals. #LearnWithLuno
2018-07-30, 20:01
Our chill zone is all ready for this weekend's Polish Wakeboarding Championships. See you tomorrow in Sosnowiec! ⛱
2018-07-27, 14:00
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